For more than 20 years, FISE has been working to promote urban sports, which today enjoy recognition at the highest international sporting level, as demonstrated by the integration of Skateboarding and BMX Freestyle Park into the Olympic Games. The rise in popularity opens the way for many careers in the urban sports and events industry, and thus requires the involvement of new talent specialized in these universes. Developed in response to this challenge, the FISE Business School training will make it possible to reveal and train new talent to support the future development of urban sports".

Hervé André Benoit
CEO Hurricane Group


Discover, Learn, Progress

Developed by experts in Action Sports and Education, FISE BUSINESS SCHOOL is a unique concept to discover new talents and develop the skills of tomorrow!

The student and the company are at the heart of our programme with a common objective of combining passion and training in professions in the economics of freestyle sports.

+2.5 million practitioners in France

Source: National barometer of sports practices 2018 - INJEP

3rd Potential for economic growth.

Source study “Sports industry: time to refocus? PwC’s Sports Survey 2020 ”, after football and basketball.

New disciplines

Huge interest from the IOC, which is interested in the success of these simpler, freer and more fun disciplines.

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