Our Missions and Values

Degree Certifications


Developed by experts in Action Sports and Education, FISE Business School is a unique concept to discover new talents and develop the skills of tomorrow!

Discovering, learning and progressing in Action Sports is now possible with the training offered by FISE Business School.

This new program is international and offers training in Marketing & Management applied to Action Sports.

Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves and experience events like FISE from inside out across the world!

A real plus to strengthen your manager’s CV!





What is FISE ?

FISE festivals are unique as they bring together athletes from such a wide range of action sports including: Skateboard, Mountain Bike, Wakeboard, Parkour, BMX, Breaking, Roller and Scooter Freestyle.

The communities of each discipline, have their own identity and culture but are united here by the common values ​​of sport and freestyle that are part of their DNA. Internationally or in France, FISE events bring together some of the best professional and amateur riders, men and women of all ages. Galvanised by the many spectators who come to support them, the participants go above and beyond to impress the crowds and inspire future generations of riders.


Since 1997, FISE has been able to evolve and adapt to become one of the largest action sports events organisations in the world:

1 million spectators per year
15 + events each year
3,000+ athletes who participate each season
15 million + : digital audience
3,000 +  hours of TV per year in more than 120 territories
70% of the audience between 13 and 35 years old


5 minutes from Montpellier, the new campus opens its doors for the start of the September 2021 school year, classes will be given in Pérols at KEYCE Academy and in Baillargues at the Hurricane Group headquarters with professional speakers who work at the heart of the organization of FISE.

Everything has been designed to create optimal learning conditions adapted to the Action Sports sector.


Keyce Business School 

99 impasse Adam Smith 

34470 • Pérols – France 


Hurricane Group  

3 rue Christian André-Benoit 

34970 Baillargues – France 

Our Missions and Values

Discover, learn, progress, is at the heart of the programmes philosophy, with a desire to combine passion and education focused on the Action Sports profession.

Taking place in Montpellier, France this innovative project is a new step for the FISE Academy, which has a long offered training for athletes hoping to advance their action sports skills. This new project extends the academy’s offering and opens the doors for young people who want to progress in the profession of Action Sports.

Already driven by an ascending popularity and further accelerated by the introduction to the Olympic Games, the unprecedented enthusiasm for the Freestyle disciplines has motivated the creation of this dedicated training course.

By bringing together the academic expertise of a benchmark business school with that of a group specializing in these emerging sports, the objective is to shape a new generation of talent to support the development of Action Sports.

Since 1995, Keyce Business School has supported the performance of companies by facilitating the integration of young qualified, competent and operational talents.
Educational excellence, individualized monitoring of students / work-study and international openness.


HURRICANE: Innovative and Urban sports & Entertainment Group

FISE Montpellier attracts over 600,000 spectators to enjoy watching the world’s best athletes compete in Skateboarding, BMX Freestyle, Roller Freestyle, Wakeboarding, Parkour and more …


Ever since it was created, the Collège de Paris has striven to promote French excellence through training– They share three fundamental values: openness to  international markets, teaching excellence, individual attention for each student.

Degree Certifications

In order to affirm our values ​​of excellence and professionalism, all the certifications we issue are recognized by the State, at levels 6 and 7.

All FISE Academy by Keyce training courses prepare for obtaining certifications registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP):


Project manager: Professional certification registered with the RNCP by the order of 07/17/2015 issued in partnership with ECEMA.

Competence block n ° 1 – Manage and coordinate relations with project sponsors
Competency block n ° 2 – Developing a customer portfolio
Competence block n ° 3 – Managing sales performance
Competence block n ° 4 – Manage the sales team

Find out more on the official CNCP website

Head of Development and Commercial Steering: Certification registered with the RNCP by decree of July 7, 2017 published in the Official Journal of July 19, 2017, issued by the Association for the College of Paris.
Competence block n ° 1 – Analyze your market and participate in the commercial strategy
Competency block n ° 2 – Planning activities within budget and managing risks
Competence block n ° 3 – Recruit, lead and manage the project team
Competence block n ° 4 – Develop the project purchasing strategy and manage relations with suppliers
Competence block n ° 5 – Develop and deploy a communication strategy for project stakeholders
Find out more on the official CNCP website

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